An offer for the environment - green electricity from the Taubenlochschlucht in Biel

The worldwide energy consumption has doubled for the servers from 2000 to 2008. Every operator of a data center has the responsibility to keep the high power consumption as low as possible. Due to the necessary climate control, the uninterruptible power supply and the stand by mode of many web servers, the reduction of the power consumption is difficult.

It is important for swissV to optimize the power consumption. This includes a comprehensive energy management, cooling techniques, the pooling of servers and the careful planning of the data center.

Since July 2006 the work electric utility of the Bieler Taubenlochschlucht is completely renovated and the turbines of the old micro hydro power plant run at full speed. Powered by powerful water of the “Schüss”, it produces two million kilowatt hours electricity per year. Hydroelectric power is environmentally valuable and ideal for the use of the region. netrics hosting ag uses clean electricity of the Taubenlochschlucht via Energie Service Biel and offers their customers the green electricity package as an option to the swissV offers for CHF 12.- per month. By the additional charges, environmentally conscious swissV-customers support the development of the generation of electricity according to environmental criteria.

See the TV clip here: Windows Media